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Siren Server RP Community 
09:16pm 20/07/2008
  For those of you who are interested in roleplaying, The Silver Gryphons is a roleplaying linkshell on Siren server. The only RP LS on our server, as far as I know.

We do events together (CoP, RoZ, ToAU stuff). We finished doing the entire ToAU storyline together as a linkshell, and we have our own characters' storylines running on the side. We do Campaign together, we go on "camping trips" to different zones every few days, hunt NMs, and that sort of thing. We're also trying to do the WotG storyline together as well.

We do a bit of out-of-game RP on our forums as well for those of us who cannot make it on the game regularly who don't want to miss out on things. We've also gotten quite a few of our members up through the ranks in Assault since we also like to do those as well, time provided. We are an active LS with a handful of regular players who are always looking for more good RPers to interact with.

For those of you unfamiliar with roleplaying, it's acting. You play a character. You create a history for them, react in-game how they'd react, as long as it's within the bounds of the game. What this means is you cannot have a character with wings, your Elvaan cannot have a Mithran tail, your character cannot have armour you .dat modded in from ffxidats (ie, if you .dat mod in an Ares cuirass for a haubergeon, your character does not have an Ares cuirass in RP; they only have a haubergeon).

Roleplaying in this game is really a lot of fun and adds a whole new dimension to the game.

If you're interested in this -- or even if you aren't and you're just curious to see what RP is like -- please check out our forums at http://silvergryphons.forumcircle.com and join us! Registration is required to post to the forums. Writing up a character profile and having it approved by the mods is a prerequisite for getting a pearl -- we're generally open to all players, though, as long as they're on Siren. Be respectful and follow the rules and you should be all right.

If you want to know how NOT to RP, please check out the bad_rpers_suck community.

See you in game!
Roleplaying linkshell 
10:16am 09/01/2008
  The Silver Gryphons is a roleplaying linkshell on Siren. We do events, missions, experience parties, merit parties, whether in an in-character or out of character context.

We're always looking for new members who are new to RP or are veterans of RP and are looking to enhance their FF XI experience. I've found that people tend to ignore the RP in MMORPG since they think it takes too much time, doesn't make any sense, or they just have no idea what it is.

Roleplaying is when you create a character and act them out in an in-game context. For example, my character Mozyr is a Mithra who was born in Kazham. Her mother fought with the San d'Orian forces during the Crystal War and died in the Beaucedine Glacier. Mozyr is married to Sepharix, an Elvaan who is the leading member of the Silver Gryphons organisation, which originally started out as a hub of mercenaries.

We currently have a few plots running involving several GM-controlled NPCs (not FF XI GM's; LS GMs) to keep things moving. We also have a handful of active members and are usually most active starting around 8 PM PST most nights. We have events scheduled for weekends, and tend to do things as a group.

If you're on Siren, or are looking to switch servers that are more open to RP, please consider our linkshell as your home. Check out our website and join up, and the three mods will do our best to get you a linkpearl.

-- Mozyr
03:38am 30/04/2006
  im new to community im on hades and to the person got gm called i kno loverboi lol but ive played ffxi since 2003 and im only 42 summoner im at this lev cuz i hav skool lol but if u need help in hades plz giv me a tell

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09:51pm 03/05/2005
  Ok so today I went to the bathroom and my uncle got on and shouted "I like Bukkake" All around bastok markets. So of course someone called a GM under the cut is the story.

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Valefor Server 
02:26pm 06/04/2005
  Just curious to see if anyone is on the Valefor server. I could use a few cool people!

Name: Seedy
Race: TaruTaru
Gender: Male
Job: 36 whm/ 18 blm
04:06am 05/08/2004
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New member! 
12:07am 24/07/2004
  I'm a new member, cause FF-XI is so fun. What is everyones servers and names?

Just finished the mog summer quest thing. I look very stylished in my Lord thingy. Can't wait to goldfish scoop.
12:36pm 09/07/2004
mood: confused
Is it ok if i join?
09:56pm 26/06/2004
mood: hopeful
Anyone have a worldpass I could use?

you can send it to smidgit @ pol.com

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10:50pm 15/04/2003
  Hate to say this, but I'm gonna leave this community. I just might join again later in the future tho. Til' then, ciayo~  
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12:40am 15/04/2003
  I'm the only member huh? Go me :P  
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