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Roleplaying linkshell

The Silver Gryphons is a roleplaying linkshell on Siren. We do events, missions, experience parties, merit parties, whether in an in-character or out of character context.

We're always looking for new members who are new to RP or are veterans of RP and are looking to enhance their FF XI experience. I've found that people tend to ignore the RP in MMORPG since they think it takes too much time, doesn't make any sense, or they just have no idea what it is.

Roleplaying is when you create a character and act them out in an in-game context. For example, my character Mozyr is a Mithra who was born in Kazham. Her mother fought with the San d'Orian forces during the Crystal War and died in the Beaucedine Glacier. Mozyr is married to Sepharix, an Elvaan who is the leading member of the Silver Gryphons organisation, which originally started out as a hub of mercenaries.

We currently have a few plots running involving several GM-controlled NPCs (not FF XI GM's; LS GMs) to keep things moving. We also have a handful of active members and are usually most active starting around 8 PM PST most nights. We have events scheduled for weekends, and tend to do things as a group.

If you're on Siren, or are looking to switch servers that are more open to RP, please consider our linkshell as your home. Check out our website and join up, and the three mods will do our best to get you a linkpearl.

-- Mozyr
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