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finalfantasyxi's Journal

The unlimited saga
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"Our story takes place in a world unlike anyother. A world that mixes swords,sorcery, and technology on a magestic planet known as Vana'Diel. In the past this world was blessed by the source of all things in the world, the Crystals. Together with their power, those that believed in the light fought against the monsters that followed the tide of darkness. The monsters destroyed the beautiful villages and cities, turning the lands into a vaste wasteland, and the water was thickened with deadly pollution.

Eventually, mankind was able to fight back the monsters and regain peace for their land. However, twenty years after the fighting, when people were beginning to forget their memories of the horrible war, the scent of evil once again seeped into the land of Vana'Diel. All is resting on the powers of the crystals."

Welcome to the Role-Playing, and writing, community for Final Fantasy:Unlimited Saga. As all would know, Final Fantasy XI (on line) is property of Squaresoft, and a series loved by all. This room is meant to take the on-line aspect of the game even further. All due credit is given to the listed web sites, for the information that they provided. Without them, this room would be nothing more than an idea left unexplored.

It is not required that all players own the game,in either Personal computer or playstation 2 format, to roleplay with us. All you need is a character, and an imagination as big as the world of Vana'Diel. Final Fantasy XI will see it's American release (Possibly) in April 2003. We hope to see you on the servers, as well as in the chat room, and with in the community.

(Official Web site coming soon!)